Monday, August 16, 2010

Bear with me

I've collected a few images that I would put on my inspiration board, if I had one.  I'm not sure how wonky this will look when I try to post all of these different size images.

I saw this studded tee (on and like the creative pattern of the studs.  Then I started thinking about the fun embellishments I could do.
When I went to my local craft store I saw these great star shaped studs (not the one pictured but you get the idea).

Also on but no longer available, I found this "simple" hobo bag with wooden beads on the handles. These bags are very similar to a pattern in my learn to sew book!

I found this belt in my llbean catalogue.  I love the ribbon type belts with the d-ring.    Not a huge fan of this pattern but love the idea that it is designed like a tie.
And, finally, my favorite inspiration:
Lulu! my puppy.  Actually my inspiration is this homemade collar that I ordered from Etsy.  I really like the fabric and it looks good on her.  Lulu! has a bald spot on her neck/chest and the vet recommended that she not wear a nylon collar.  If I could learn to make these fabric collars she would have on for everyday of the week (or month).

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