Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sewer's block already??

Okay, so I don't really have sewer's block...if there is such a thing.  What I do have is a strong aversion to housework.  So, the little area (my dining room table that I never use) that I want to use to set up my sewing station needs to be straightened up before I can set up my sewing machine.  I have had the sewing machine for over three weeks and I still haven't plugged it in yet!  I was reading my book, but I got to the part where you have to learn the parts of your machine before you can go to the next step, so I stopped reading.  So, until I get my "self" (in lieu of another word) in gear, I am at a standstill in my learning to sew process.  I'm hoping that I get motivated to clean before the end of this week so that I can dedicate some quality time this weekend getting to know my sewing machine. 

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